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Dealing with a breakup.
Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup can often leave us trapped in a cycle of obsessive thoughts, making it challenging to move forward. It can be very hard to say goodbye. However, acknowledging these thoughts as a natural part of the healing process is the first step toward regaining your emotional equilibrium. Here are […]
Active Love: Seeking Companionship in a World of Eight Billion.
Relationships can offer companionship and a shared experience of life, creating a sense of pleasure and fulfilment when managed well. Navigating relationships can be complex and sometimes overwhelmingly challenging. They may seem impossible, frustrating, or even nightmarish at times. However, this perspective only captures part of the spectrum of what relationships can also offer. They […]
How to reduce stress and Anxiety
  If we want to reduce stress and anxiety it requires a multipronged approach. Some of it boring, some restricting and some just basic common sense. Yet, when we are in the middle of stress and anxiety what is most effective is usually the following. It is important to look at lifestyle changes, mindfulness practices, […]

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